Technology Advances in Automotive Industry

Today is a thrilling time to be a part of the automobile industry. The automotive industry has come a long way since its beginnings, even though the demands on the business have never been greater. The expectations of the customers of vehicle quality, safety, reliability and utility are at an all-time high. Every year there is a new trend in the automotive industry that will change it and bring it up to a whole new level. Cars are changing on a daily basis. For example, something that was considered as a new trend before, these days it is a standard thing in an automobile.

Some new technology advances in this industry will be described in this article.

This night vision with pedestrian detection

This night vision with pedestrian detection is the new system which identifies pedestrians, highlighting them on a control panel display. A warning will appear on the night vision monitor if the distance between vehicle and pedestrian closes.

GPS vehicle tracking

This GPS tracking system updates a vehicle’s position every 10 seconds. It is good for parents who wants know where their kids go. If you want to watch it live, it only requires Internet access.  It can also alert parents through their cell phone if the vehicle’s speed is exceeded or if the vehicle enters certain areas. Various modern cars do come with GPS navigation built in, but the prices have really gone down on handheld and windscreen mountable units, which provides people with used cars with the navigation they require, no matter their budget.

us_rear_view_camera_all_cars_2018As we already know those cameras that provide a view behind the vehicle when shifted into reverse are already old. This new system toward multiple cameras providing enlarged fields of view. This multi camera system is having 3 to 5 cameras to display a perfect view when parking. It also has the option that sounds an alarm when the vehicle closes in on an unseen object during the maneuver. These cameras are mounted in the front, rear and sides, providing a 360-degree view for parking purposes.

Green power

As a result of the climate change, more and more automotive companies started getting more eco-friendly, and using green energy. The same goes for cars. O course, no one wants to breathe in exhaust gases, so the automotive companies started racing to produce better green cars. These cars possess sensors for temperature, pressure, oxygen, etc; and modified exhaust systems.

Car intelligence

Beside smart phones and tablets why self-carsnot have a smart car? Today’s drivers demand to connect with their cars. And this means literally to connect with them through their phone and tabled devices. As this trend is becoming more and more popular, large companies such as Microsoft, Google and Apple compete to become suppliers to the large automotive companies. Want to call your car to pick you up at your favorite restaurant?  Just take your Smartphone press this control and the vehicle is going to come for you.

So, as we can see here in the article automotive industry is growing very fast. More and more innovations are coming and will surprise us in the close future. So, if you would like any of this add one to your car, just find the perfect one and upgrade it to your car.