Used Car Series: DIY Car Repairs

One important aspect of having a car is your knowledge in automotive so that simple repairs can be done without having to hire a technician. This way, you can save a lot of money. Take in-charge of simple jobs and minor repairs to avoid spending money to things that you are capable of.

Have the confidence to handle car repairs on your own without attending a formal class. All you need to do is some skills for basic adjustments and replacements such as spark plugs and wires replacement, fixing a blown fuse, changing a light build, and replacing an air filter. They may sound complicated and laborious, but these are simple things to learn as a car owner. During an emergency situation, having skills in car repairs is a major advantage.

The following are common car problems which you handle by your own.

  1. Car’s lightning system replacement. A light bulb or car headlamps can be changed using a socket tool set. According to journalist Jim Gorzelany of, changing a light bulb is a basic task that needs precision. It needs extra patience to perform the task. Ask someone to assist you who has broad idea in changing an older lights with modern bulbs.
  2. Air filters replacement. Make it a habit to have schedule in changing your car’s air filter. Most car engines are recommended to change for every 30, 000 to 45, 000 miles. Air filters are easy to access and clogged on this car part will cause an erratic effect. All engines are require to have clean air to function well. Unclasp a dirty air filter hooks on the case and carefully remove filter and replace it with the clean one.
  3. Blown fuse inspection and replacement. Inspect and replace your fuse as your car normally degrades over time. Blown fuses do not require a service provider. It a nice feeling that you can troubleshoot with small things like this. The first step if the fuse is blown is to find a replacement in an auto parts store. Buy a new one with the same amperage rating. If the blown fuse has 10-amp do not replace it with a 20-amp to avoid the risk of damaging the equipment or blowing the fuse again.
  4. Spark plugs and wire replacement. LPG gas and Petrol cars are run through the help of controlled explosions of energy and one of the important parts of any working combustion is the spark plugs channel. Once this spark plugs channel wears out, you must know how to diagnose it and correct with the right tools.

The myth of requiring special tools for DIY car repairs is not exactly true nowadays. Every car is unique. However, most of them can be fixed using the basic nuts and bolts especially for minor repairs. When you encounter any of those mentioned car problems, look for basic tools which include adjustable wrench, pliers, torque wrench, jack, socket, ratchet set, Phillips, and screwdrivers. As driver, you must be aware that not all repairs should be entrusted to auto technician. Trust your ability to save money.

Used Car Series: 5 Tips For Buying Your Perfect Car

Fact is, people—even car enthusiasts—are bias to brands. Giant car names such as Toyota, Ford, BMW, and Ferrari along with their luxury counterparts are some of the head turners on the road or even on display centers. These cars are either known for their reliability, style, superpowers and so much more. It is good to invest on them even after their first few years on the road. In fact, to some people, just the mere fact that they will ride a Ferrari or BMW is already something to boast of. How much more if they will be able to own one, even as a second or third owner?

Still, there are a few things that should be considered when buying used vehicles. The condition, the history and the customization are among these things. This is why a few tips from experts will definitely help, especially to those who cannot make up their minds. Below are five of the most important tips to think about.

  1. Create a list of criteria. What are you looking for? What are the things that are most important to you? Is it the make, the model or the production date? If you have a preferred model or make or even a production year then this will limit your search. The same is true if you prefer to get your car from a dealer or directly from the owner and from your place or nearby.
  2. Do your homework. Research. Once the criteria are set, you should do some research which should not be confined only online but also to your family, relatives and dealers. This will give you an idea about the important things that you should look for or prioritize. They will also offer a few advices that will make your quest to find the best used car easy and fast.
  3. Make an ocular visit and inspection. It is necessary for you to have a few options for the car that you prefer so making a shortlist is fine. To ensure that what the owner claims and disclose on their marketing pitch is correct and accurate, it is best to do an ocular visit and inspection. This will be mutually beneficial because you will have a good look on the vehicle, a test drive and just about anything that you want for it before you decide. The owner at the same time will have a close inspection on your seriousness and capacity to buy.
  4. Take the car for a ride to test. Never buy a car that you haven’t taken for a spin. This will give you a feel on how it works and if there are other flaws on its functionality. This is a perfect opportunity to decide.
  5. Haggle if you have to. The main reason you are buying a second hand car is the price, of course. You can haggle depending on the condition and the resources that you have.




Used Car Series: Benefits Of Buying A Used Car

Do you have plans to buy a car? Then, you might want to consider getting a used one. What many people do not know is that just like buying a brand new car, used cars also come with great benefits that a new one might not be able to offer.

There are many wonderful reasons why buying a used car is great idea, such as the different options to choose from and the improved reliability of older cars. However, affordability remains to be the number one reason of many buyers while they opt to get used vehicles more than anything else.

The Value

A new vehicle will always come with a higher price tag compared to a used one. Unless you go for lease, a new car will come with hefty initial costs. Usually, financial institutions require a down payment of around 10% on the loan for a new car. If you are going to pay for a lower upfront, you will need to pay higher every month. There are other considerations that can tip the odds in favor of used vehicles and make decide that this is the best option for you.

Avoid Depreciation

The moment you drive your new car away from the dealership lot, its value is going to instantly drop even on your initial year of ownership. On the mainstream cars, you can expect that your new vehicle is going to lose a minimum of 30% of its overall value during the first 2 years of your ownership. You might want to go through the value guides on used car so that you can have an idea of what specific model is going to be worth in the future. You might also want to check leasing guides even if you have plans to purchase instead. The payments for lease are typically calculated depending on the resale or residual values.

Certification Programs

Another trend that makes buying used cars a better choice is the increase in the number of certified pre-owned programs. This idea has started with the luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz and Lexus. Right now, these programs are already being followed by almost all manufacturers.

Overall, the benefits of CPO vehicles are as follows:

  • Most of the time, manufacturers consider only relatively low mileage and late model vehicles without any damage history for certification programs.
  • The CPO cars go through a thorough inspection process of the cosmetic and mechanical items before they can get a certification.
  • Normally, CPO cars are warranty covered that can extend beyond the original factory warrant. This warranty usually includes similar features as that of the warranty of a new vehicle, like roadside assistance.
  • There are manufacturers that offer a special financing on the CPO cars commonly at lower rates compared to the loans on new cars or the usual higher end rates for used car loans.

Car buyers need to remember that they are going to pay more for CPO cars compared to the traditional used cars yet this high price will be worth it for the additional coverage, attention and peace of mind that buyers will enjoy.


Facts About Exotic Driving Experiences

An Exotic driving experience can only be obtained if you drive one of the best, most luxurious exotic vehicles on the planet. Such cars include Aston Martin, Audi, Bugatti, Ferarri, Lamborghini, McLaren, and Porsche. If you do not get to drive around in any of these automobiles, you cannot really say with conviction that you have driven an exotic car.

If the only thing that is stopping you from getting into one of these cars and zipping along the highways and main roads while you are behind the wheel is their purchase price, you should know that this should no longer be a problem. There are now companies specializing in exotic car rentals. Through such car hire firms, you now have the chance to experience all of these and more.


So here are some fun facts about exotic car rental that are sure to make you interested and highly likely to choose one as your rental vehicle next time.

  1. You do not have to buy an exotic car just to get hands on with one.

You now have the chance for an exotic driving experience without having to shell out hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars. You do not have to buy an Aston Martin, Audi, Bugatti, Ferarri, Lamborghini, McLaren, or Porsche just to know what it feels like driving a powerful machine and feeling the throbbing engine all around you. Take advantage of these exotic car rental services and get the chance to make this dream of yours come true.

  1. You do not have to think about maintenance costs just to experience driving an exotic car.

Since you do not have to buy an exotic vehicle just to experience driving around in one, it only follows that you do not have to think about the high maintenance costs associated with owning an Aston Martin, Audi, Bugatti, Ferarri, Lamborghini, McLaren, or Porsche.

  1. You have a plethora of options.

Through the services of vehicle rental companies that carry exotic cars, you do not have to stick to just one kind. You have a huge selection to choose from. You can use an Aston Martin this month, and an Audi the next. You can go for a Ferarri on your next business trip and a Lamborghini the next. With the best car for hire companies always updating their fleet of cars, you can always go driving and arriving at your destination in a different exotic automobile.

There are many other things that you probably do not know about exotic driving experience, but the ones discussed above probably had you already interested. It is a must though that you choose the car rental company wisely, as you do not want to be stuck with one that will not give you the best value for your hard-earned money. In situations wherein you need access to only the best exotic cars, make sure that you check out Luxury Car Rental Club, a premier provider of not only exotic vehicles, but also luxury, sports, and prestige automobiles.

Technology Advances in Automotive Industry

Today is a thrilling time to be a part of the automobile industry. The automotive industry has come a long way since its beginnings, even though the demands on the business have never been greater. The expectations of the customers of vehicle quality, safety, reliability and utility are at an all-time high. Every year there is a new trend in the automotive industry that will change it and bring it up to a whole new level. Cars are changing on a daily basis. For example, something that was considered as a new trend before, these days it is a standard thing in an automobile.

Some new technology advances in this industry will be described in this article.

This night vision with pedestrian detection

This night vision with pedestrian detection is the new system which identifies pedestrians, highlighting them on a control panel display. A warning will appear on the night vision monitor if the distance between vehicle and pedestrian closes.

GPS vehicle tracking

This GPS tracking system updates a vehicle’s position every 10 seconds. It is good for parents who wants know where their kids go. If you want to watch it live, it only requires Internet access.  It can also alert parents through their cell phone if the vehicle’s speed is exceeded or if the vehicle enters certain areas. Various modern cars do come with GPS navigation built in, but the prices have really gone down on handheld and windscreen mountable units, which provides people with used cars with the navigation they require, no matter their budget.

us_rear_view_camera_all_cars_2018As we already know those cameras that provide a view behind the vehicle when shifted into reverse are already old. This new system toward multiple cameras providing enlarged fields of view. This multi camera system is having 3 to 5 cameras to display a perfect view when parking. It also has the option that sounds an alarm when the vehicle closes in on an unseen object during the maneuver. These cameras are mounted in the front, rear and sides, providing a 360-degree view for parking purposes.

Green power

As a result of the climate change, more and more automotive companies started getting more eco-friendly, and using green energy. The same goes for cars. O course, no one wants to breathe in exhaust gases, so the automotive companies started racing to produce better green cars. These cars possess sensors for temperature, pressure, oxygen, etc; and modified exhaust systems.

Car intelligence

Beside smart phones and tablets why self-carsnot have a smart car? Today’s drivers demand to connect with their cars. And this means literally to connect with them through their phone and tabled devices. As this trend is becoming more and more popular, large companies such as Microsoft, Google and Apple compete to become suppliers to the large automotive companies. Want to call your car to pick you up at your favorite restaurant?  Just take your Smartphone press this control and the vehicle is going to come for you.

So, as we can see here in the article automotive industry is growing very fast. More and more innovations are coming and will surprise us in the close future. So, if you would like any of this add one to your car, just find the perfect one and upgrade it to your car.